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Ongoing changes made by the Entropian community. 




2011-06-12Added a chart management tool that allows trusted members to add new charts and columns. It can be found here.

Added a planet selector to the menu on the left. By selecting a planet only the data for that planet is shown in the charts.





Added a new tool: Weapon Compare. Using this tool you can compare different weapon setups.

Updated the charts to show group headers.

2010-10-06Added natural sort algorithm for sorting strings.
2010-10-01Added link to export and save data to CSV file to all charts, in co-operation with IceCold3000.
2010-08-25Data from EntropiaBay
has been integrated with Entropedia. Charts now show the average of
PEAuction and EntropiaBay (if data is available). User data will always
overwrite this average, but you can always see the individual data from
PEAuction and EntropiaBay in the tooltip by hovering over the markup
cell. The infopages show all the data including a graph of the last 50
sales provided by EntropiaBay.
2010-07-24Added text zoom levels to the Maps. Also added tile caching, should decrease the load time of the maps.
2010-07-23Maps can now be resized up to 1000x1000.
2010-05-30Added a couple of backgrounds and styles. See the account page. Also fixed some issues with the WYSIWYG editor.
2010-05-24Added new category "Mission location" to the maps.


Added some extra filter options in the charts; larger, smaller and unequal.


Updated the weapon chart. For more info see EF.


Added a chart for Missions.


Added Tier chart and Tier ingredients chart. Added bulk ingredient adding to the Blueprint ingredients chart and Tier ingredients chart.


Added revival areas to the Maps.
The areas are automatically calculated based on the location of the
revival points using Voronoi diagrams. Revival data need to be added for
more complete revival maps.


A button to update the expiration data of all shop stock is added to the Shop chart.



2009-12-31Updated the Medical Tool chart to work with the enhancers.
2009-12-20Added new charts for enhancers. Updated the weapon chart to work with the enhancers.
2009-11-16Added a confirm system and trusted member status. Some fields in the charts now can be confirmed when found authentic by a trusted user. When the value is confirmed it can no longer be edited by non trusted member. Unconfirmed values will show up in gray. If you want to become a trusted member please contact me.
2009-10-21Entropedia has been moved to a new server. Editing is enabled again. Please report any errors you may encounter in the bugsection or on EF.
2009-08-20Map of VU 10 is added. New locations can be added. Old maps are renamed with the suffix "pre VU 10". Editing was temporarily disabled, but is enabled again.
2009-05-12Made some improvements to the Avatar Skill Calc tool.
2009-05-08Added an option for effective damage to the weaponchart, which is enabled by default.'''
2009-05-03Changed "Unknown" as default for lootfrequency.
Changed "HP Increase in the skillchart to float type.
Added an "Invert selection" checkbox in the header column of the charts.
Added "Hide own updates" checkbox to the "Latest updates" page.
2009-03-22Added JaxMap overlays to the maps.
2009-03-22Added expiration date to the shopstock. Items that are not updated will automatically be removed after 60 days. Also buttons to update the expiration date and remove the item more easily have been added.
2009-03-20Due to a server crash all updates of 2009-03-20 are lost.
2009-03-10Converted the maps to Google Maps.
2009-02-11Added a new chart: HOFs.
2009-01-18Changed the column order in most charts. You might need to reconfigure the columns.
2009-01-19New Tool: Armor Adviser Find out what armor performs best against any creature.


|Map of VU 10 is added. New locations can be added. Old maps are renamed with the suffix "pre VU 10". Editing was temporarily disabled, but is enabled again.



2008-08-29Updated the skill calculator.
2008-08-29Merged the Markup (PED) and Markup (%) column.
2008-08-07Added a WYSIWYG editor (TinyMCE) to make editing pages more convenient.
2008-08-06Added columns "Min Dmg", "Eff Dmg" and "Max Dmg" to the Weapons chart when "Skill based" is selected. See Tooltips for more details.
2008-07-22Updated the general layout of the charts. There are now some AJAX controls added. Also added the section Tools, as replacement of link to WikiTools. Wikitools will be rewritten somewhere in the future.
2008-07-22Added some features to Weapons vs. Armor in the Weapons chart.
2008-07-20Database issues are solved. Editing works again.
2008-07-07The Missing Items section is updated so that double and false entries can be removed manually. Any help to complete our item database is appreciated, especially from crafters. It is also now possible to enter the information about blueprint drop from specific blueprints.
2008-06-24Due to a database crash, all data since 15 may 2008 is lost. Apologies for the inconvenience.
2008-04-12Added an "Undo" button to the Latest Updates page. Also added a zoom slider to the Location page.
2008-03-28Added a button to the directly update the "Last VU" value to the latest VU in a single click on all info pages.
2008-03-19New host Entropedia is now sponsored by for hosting. Thanks allot to 711 for making this possible.
2008-02-13Updated the layout of the info pages
2008-02-02:Filter capabilies in the charts improved. It is now possible to filter on any column that contains text. It is also possible to link directly to a filtered page, by adding "&columnname=value" to the URL. For example:
2008-01-28:Added some Forum functionality (formerly called discussions)
2008-01-09:Eco based Weapons chart. You can enter a desired Dmg/PEC and the corresponding markup is calculated.



2007-11-28:Possibility to mark suspicious updates. See Latest updates for more details.
2007-11-23:Markup values are now adjustable. When entering "PEAuction" as markup source the markup is automatically updated every 24 hours (same as it used to be).
2007-09-01:Made some layout updates. The infopages are now one page instead of several small pages. I also made the viewstate serverside, which basicly means all pages are about 30%-40% smaller. Most pages should load faster now, and require less bandwidth
2007-07-27:Added random page.
2007-07-26:The "Max user connections" error should be fixed (unless I am doing some updates). Added cookies for the chart preferences. When you hide or show certain columns it will be remembered next time you open the site.
2007-07-09:NAME CHANGED. The name of PE-Wikichart has been changed to Entropedia. The site also runs on a brand new host. The new URL is
2007-05-30:NEW FEATURE: PE-WikiTools. When you have uploaded your skills, you can see the total value of your avatar. It is also possible to calucluate the needed ESI value for a certain skill level, and vice versa.
2007-05-02:Added support for EU Companion and No Resources Found on the "[ Upload Avatarstats]" page.
2007-04-06:Added custom markup for limited faps in the Medical Tools chart.
2007-03-21:Updated the Medical Tools chart to work with the new SIB (L) FAP's.
2007-03-04:Added custom values in the personalized Weapons chart.
2007-03-01:Added an (Invalid chart) chart. Added armor decay column to the Creature Maturity Levels chart.
2007-02-18:It is now possible to add both an Energy amp, and a BLP amp to the Weapons chart, making it possible to compare weapons with different amp types.
2007-02-08:Added Personalized Medical Tools chart.
2007-02-07:Updated Latest Updates. It is now possible to fliter avatar data and show newly added items.
2007-02-05:Added Personalized Weapons chart. You can enable it by checking the checkbox. The values are based on your professions. At default, it will choose 0 for all your professions. To enter your profesion levels, go to the Avatar Professions chart and add the professions by choosing your avatar and the profession. If you dont have an avatar yet you can create one in the Avatars chart. Be sure your avatar is linked to your account on the Account page.
2007-02-02:Added markup columns in the Creature Loots table.
2007-01-29:Updadated Maps. Mobs and mining recources can now show their denisity, maturity and spawn area.
Added minimaps in creature and material info screens
2007-01-14:Added User Messages overview. (see site section, next to Discussion)
2007-01-14:Added new Signs chart and added a "Spaces" column to the Miscellaneous Items chart to specify how many spaces an item takes in an appartment or shop.
2007-01-11:Removed the forum and added latest discussions.
2007-01-06:Updated (Invalid chart), (Invalid chart), Medical Tools, (Invalid chart), (Invalid chart) and Scanners to use "Uses/min" instead of "Reload". Where needed, a requirement level column is added.
2007-01-05:Added both hit and damage activities to the weaponchart, including requirement levels.



2006-12-28:Added edit rights management. An anonymous user can no longer edit all charts. Some charts can only be edited by an admin. See Charts for access levels.
2006-12-27:50% of original damage rule for amps added to the Weapons chart.
2006-12-25:New site admin: Paul Steven Alex Paolo Wilford. Welcome to the team, and Merry Xmas
Fixed chart: Medical Tools, updated chart: Filled Skill Implants.
2006-12-24:Fixed charts: (Invalid chart), Land Areas and Scanners
2006-03-06:Total skills added to Avatars. Update it by uploading your PE Stats data file.
Speed added to Creature Maturity Levels. Attacks, Range and Aggression added to Creatures. Empty columns.
2006-03-02:Group labels shown on information pages.
Attributes added as hidden columns to Creature Maturity Levels, which is also renamed from Creature Health & Damages.
2006-02-28:Owner is linked in Land Areas.
Tab filter added to different charts.
Bottom Tabs can be shown on two rows.
Some functions of the site hasn't worked correctly during the last days updates. We are sorry for that.
2006-02-17:Nationality column added to Avatars.
2006-02-11:Weight column added to all charts with items.
Health Affects column added to Skills.
Trying to add an existing item will update it instead of showing an error message.
Bound columns have no selection by default.
Decay column in Armor Sets changed.
Type and Continent added to Land Areas.
An error shown when trying to login is fixed.
2006-02-10:New charts: Estate Areas and Estates for listing of everyone's home. Shops also belongs to an Estate Area now instead of a separate location.
Decay column added to Armor Sets.
2006-02-06:Weapon Type chart joined with Weapons. Columns are hidden by default, but always shown when you click on the weapon.
2006-02-04:Columns where higher values are considered better are sorted in reverse order by default.
New chart: Avatar Skills. Add your unlocked skills now.
2006-02-03:New VU 8.1 charts: Storage Containers and (Invalid chart).
(Invalid chart) for trading items.
Number of shown and total items added to chart descriptions.
Type column added to Shops.
2006-01-31:Update system changed. Invalid values can no longer be submitted.
2006-01-14:Markup for limited items shown.
Cost/M and Eco/M includes markup for limited items in Weapons.
Chart and column properties can be changed in Charts and Columns.
2006-01-09:Frequency column added to Creature Loots, the values are stored in Loot Frequency Ranks.
2006-01-08:New charts: DNA Samples and Land Area DNA.
2006-01-07:Level column added to Weapons and Medical Tools.
Checkboxes are used to change existing locations in Maps.
Cost, Eco, Cost/M, Eco/M columns added to Weapons, Medical Tools, (Invalid chart) and (Invalid chart). These columns are used to see how much it costs to use the items with or without markup of (Invalid chart). Cost and Eco are hidden by default.
2006-01-06:Distance is now shown as 0 when you click inside a Land Area or PVP in Maps.
Reset password function added to Account page.
New chart: Health Ranks.
The site was down during 12 hours. We don't know why but we are investigating the issue.
2006-01-04:Ability to show and hide columns by clicking Show all columns.
Activity column added to most charts to link them to Professions. Hidden by default.
The Go button performs a search if no item can be found with the exact name.
Requirements added to Skills.
Profession and Health added to Avatars.
2006-01-02:Colorful dots added to Maps. You can suggest other colors.
Support for main activities in Professions.
Level added to Deposit Sizes.
Gender added to Clothes.
Donators are shown on the About page.



2005-12-31:Another Cost/M (cost with markup) column that shows percentage of markup is added to Blueprints and Blueprint Ingredients, on request from Craig Miller.
2005-12-29:Revival areas of Eudoria and an empty map of Crystal Palace added to Maps.
Guide section added, ready to be filled with guides about Project Entropia.
Help page added to the site menu.
2005-12-27:Bugfix: Armor markup prices are correct again. (Thanks to Witte for reporting)
2005-12-26:Search field added to the left menu. You can go directly to the information pages or create new pages by using the Go button.
Multiple armor plating combinations can be compared in Damage Potential.
Name filter and paging added to Gallery.
Support for DNA Samples added to Blueprints. DNA Samples are not blueprints, but items that can be created by dragging the materials to an Energy Matter refiner.
2005-12-25:Links in the charts are colored red when there is no more information if you click on them, except the info from the other charts.
Material filter added to Blueprints.
2005-12-24:You can discuss changes to the charts in the new Discuss tabs that you find in all charts. The tab is red when there is no discussion yet.
Changes to Page Size is saved as a cookie.
Maps and Gallery are updated.
2005-12-23:The Main Page is replaced with this wiki page. Anyone can update it during a test period. You are welcome to improve it.
2005-12-22:New chart: (Invalid chart).
Armor markup removed for incomplete sets.
2005-12-21:A page system is installed. The page system can be used to write free pages or discuss in public with other users.
2005-12-20:Dates and numbers are localized to the language preference set in your web browser.
Sweatable column added to Creatures.
Images added to loots, shop stock and blueprints. Image support added to land areas and refined materials.
2005-12-19:We got a logo. Many thanks to rava from DeltaForce for this beautiful logo.
History view added to charts and notes. You can see changes to specific items by checking the items and clicking Show selected items and History.
New chart: (Invalid chart) to support the Weapons.
Tamable column added to Creatures.
New chart: Armor Parts.
2005-12-18:Maturity range columns added too Creature Loots.
2005-12-17:We are very happy to provide you with average markup values from the excellent auction monitor It's now for the first time possible to compare market prices together with the details of the items. We hope that you enjoy the service.
The markup values are used to calculate approximately how much a crafting attempt costs.
The chart Alternative Names is added to connect the sometimes incorrect names in PE with the names used in the charts and the chart Missing Items is used to list some of the missing items.
2005-12-16:Damage types hidden by default.
More paging buttons.
Bugfix: Incorrect links in loot chart.
2005-12-15:We are changing to a new design.
2005-12-14:You can no longer add items with no names or items that already exist in the charts.
2005-12-10:Source column added to many charts.
Shops added to info pages.
2005-11-26:Add-links on information pages works better.
2005-11-25:New chart: Miscellaneous Tools.
Charts grouped in categories for easier using.
2005-11-23:Search function added.
Descriptions added to charts.
2005-11-21:A new collapsible menu is used.
The decay column is removed from the armor charts. Discussion about how decay works since VU 7.7 can be done in the forum.
2005-11-20:Items with same values in sorted columns are grouped.
HTML allowed in notes.
New chart: Version Updates.
2005-11-17:Shops added.
Links added to Loot Chart.
2005-11-07:We have a new address. It's Please update your bookmarks.
2005-11-04:Name filter added.
Donations can now be given.
2005-11-03:LPSB (Learning Period Skill Bonus) added to Weapon chart and Blueprint chart.
Source column added to charts where items can be both looted and crafted.
Congratulations to Witte, who is the first to have made 1000 updates to the site. The site wouldn't be the same without him and all the other contributors.
2005-11-02:Attacks column added to Weapon chart. (New stat in VU 7.7)
Attachments can be added in Weapon chart.
2005-10-31:New charts: Blueprints, Clothes and Misc. Items.
Links added to most items.
Materials added to Locations.
Minor changes.
2005-10-29:Bugfix: Gallery image size limit of 64 KB removed.
Bugfix: Values can now be changed to nothing.
2005-10-21:New charts: Avatars and Societies.
2005-10-20:New chart: Land Areas.
Coordinates and distance visible on Locations.
2005-10-19:Threat column added to Health & Damages.
Descriptions added to columns.
Contributors added to About.
2005-10-18:New charts: Scanners, Teleport chips, Focus chips and Mindforce implants.
2005-10-17:Information pages for most items with free notes.
Show selected items added.
Columns are grouped.
Some small changes and bugfixes.
2005-10-16:Update system changed. Updates are now done directly in the charts.
Menu moved from top side to left side.
Category and Last VU added to loot chart and other small changes.
Please report all bugs in the forum or by e-mail.
2005-10-06:Charts for Weapon Attachments, Materials and Skills added.
2005-10-05:An incompatibility problem that made updates impossible is fixed.
2005-10-04:Login system implemented.
2005-10-03:Mining tools chart added.
Mindforce added to Healer chart and Weapon chart.
Loot chart added.
Producer column removed from Weapon chart.
Creatue filter added to Location map.
2005-10-02:Unknown values are now removed from most charts.
Durability chart added under Levels & Ranks.
2005-10-01:Images added to most charts and a gallery where the images are stored. Missing images can be added to the gallery and assigned to chart items.
It's also possible to add and remove items now.
2005-09-28:Skill Ranks and Deposit Sizes are added. The Deposit Sizes needs to be updates since they changed in VU 7.6. Don't forget to add missing locations to the Location map.
2005-09-26:Site released.

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