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Estate Area:
OwnerEstate AreaTypeBlockFloor#
 Giuliano adm NooooArkadia Land Area 1 EstateLA Lodge 01
Balthazar Noggin FishburnAtlas Haven WestHouse   
 Alex Fishface WaltonHouse 115a
 Alex Fishface WaltonHouse 14a
 Ami Trabin TrabinHouse 16a
 Harry Bond HoleHouse 214a
Daniel Danimal DiepAyida LodgeLA Lodge 01
 Kalashi Kaiu DamaskBillton Towers 1Apartment Complex 2A
 Daniel DanK KeystoneApartment Complex 2B
 enzo beau gosseApartment Complex 2C
 Be Bifrost MultiFjordApartment Complex 2D
 Silver Ice RayneApartment Complex 2E
 keano kman runnerApartment Complex 2F
 Vap0rz Vaps LostoneApartment Complex 2G
 Rick Lazer LazarusApartment Complex 2H
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