Materials used to craft items and other stackable items. Some need to be refined before they can be used. Showing 549 of 56 items.
Type: Planet:
General InformationEconomyRefinedSource
NameTypeValueMarkupRefines ToAmountSourceFound on
Acid RootEnmatter0.32102.00%Frigulerian Dust, Root Acid, Zincalicid Energy Crystal4,3,2,3,2,2,3,4,4MinedPlanet Arkadia, Planet Calypso, Planet Toulan
Adomasite TextureTexture Material0.8   CraftedEntropia Universe
Alferix TextureTexture Material1.15   CraftedEntropia Universe
Animal Adrenal OilAnimal Oils0.2101.00%Alien Biogenic Gel500LootedEntropia Universe
Animal EssenceNatural Material0.01150.00%  StableEntropia Universe
Animal Essence RareNatural Material0.01110000.00%  StableEntropia Universe
Animal Eye OilAnimal Oils0.05100.90%  LootedEntropia Universe
Animal HideNatural Material0.01104.13%Generic Leather3LootedEntropia Universe
Animal Muscle OilAnimal Oils0.03101.00%Solares Ingot8LootedEntropia Universe
Animal Oil ResidueResidue0.01100.50%  Looted,CraftingEntropia Universe
Animal Thyroid OilAnimal Oils0.1101.00%Chalinum Alloy, Galaurphite Ingot2,6LootedEntropia Universe
Antimagnetic OilRefined Enmatter2320.00%  RefinedEntropia Universe
Aqeeq IngotRefined Ore0.06110.00%  RefinedPlanet Toulan
Aqeeq StoneOre0.02 Aqeeq Ingot3MinedPlanet Toulan
Aqeeq TextureTexture Material0.08   CraftedPlanet Toulan
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