Material: Ganganite Ingot
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Type:Refined Ore
Weight:0.07 kg
Value:0.36 PED
Found on:Entropia Universe
User Value:104.00 % (2022-12-22)
Ganganite ingots are essential for construction matters.

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Raw Materials

Raw materials needed to refine to this item.

Raw MaterialAmountFound on
Ganganite Stone3Entropia Universe

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Blueprints where the material is used.

BlueprintAmountCostCost/MCost/%Found on
Adapted Resource Extractor RE-204 (L) Blueprint (L)259.009.36104.0Entropia Universe
Adapted Vivo T15 (L) Blueprint (L)62.162.25104.0Entropia Universe
Chirpy Statue Blueprint (L)51.801.87104.0Entropia Universe
Disc Brake Blueprint10.360.37104.0Entropia Universe
Ganganite Texture Blueprint20.720.75104.0Entropia Universe
GEC Spur Gears 1K Blueprint10.360.37104.0Entropia Universe
GeoTrek AL29 Felis (L) Blueprint3914.0414.60104.0Entropia Universe
GeoTrek LH27 Rookie (L) Blueprint (L)155.405.62104.0Entropia Universe
Kesmek Bik (L) Blueprint31.081.12104.0Entropia Universe
Level 3 Finder Amplifier Light (L) Blueprint (L)82.883.00104.0Entropia Universe
Level 4 Finder Amplifier (L) Blueprint207.207.49104.0Entropia Universe
Level 4 Finder Amplifier (L) Blueprint (L)207.207.49104.0Entropia Universe
Level 5 Finder Amplifier (L) Blueprint41.441.50104.0Entropia Universe
Level 5 Finder Amplifier (L) Blueprint (L)20.720.75104.0Entropia Universe
Level 6 Finder Amplifier (L) Blueprint (L)259.009.36104.0Entropia Universe
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Item tierAmountCostCost/MCost/%
A-3 Justifier Mk. 2, Adjusted Tier 24516.2016.85104.0
A-3 Justifier Mk. 2, Improved Tier 21950702.00730.08104.0
A-3 Justifier Mk. 2 Tier 23813.6814.23104.0
A-3 Justifier Mk. 3 Tier 26021.6022.46104.0
A-3 Justifier Mk. 5, Mentor Edition Tier 2597214.92223.52104.0
A-3 Punisher Mk. 2 Tier 2124.324.49104.0
A&P Series Mayhem BP-110, Improved Tier 22364851.04885.08104.0
A&P Series Mayhem BP-130 Tier 22368852.48886.58104.0
A&P Series Mayhem LB-40, Improved Tier 21348485.28504.69104.0
A&P Series Mayhem LP-40, Perfected Tier 21809651.24677.29104.0
A&P Series Mayhem LP-100, Modified Tier 22346844.56878.34104.0
A&P Series Mayhem LR-60 Augmented Tier 22200792.00823.68104.0
Aakas Fire Dagger Tier 27426.6427.71104.0
 Ancient Red Scorpion Tier 2207.207.49104.0
Archon's Sword Tier 212043.2044.93104.0
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