Refining Materials
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Refined Material: Planet:
Refined MaterialRaw MaterialAmountFound on
Antimagnetic OilFerrum Nuts2Entropia Universe
Aqeeq IngotAqeeq Stone3Planet Toulan
Aumorphite IngotBlazar Fragment100Entropia Universe
Vibrant Sweat100Entropia Universe
Gold Stone2Entropia Universe
Angelic Grit2Entropia Universe
Alien Resin Fluid12Entropia Universe
Lanorium Stone3Entropia Universe
Morpheus Stone3Entropia Universe
Animal Thyroid Oil5Entropia Universe
Bahri Claw TipsBahri Claw5Planet Toulan
Bahri LeatherBahri Hide4Planet Toulan
Belkar IngotBelkar Stone3Entropia Universe
Caboria CordCaboria Clam2Planet Toulan
Rotten Caboria Clam3Planet Toulan
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