You can request new charts or features here. Requests for changes in existing charts are done in the Discussion page of the specific chart. Please don't write game-related wishes, only Entropedia related.

Fulfilled Requests

  • Add plating to Armor Chart (like amps in the weapons chart) (sob).
  • A chip level column for all mindforce chips (Hellfire (talk)).
  • Trade chart & auction for avatars (Witte (talk)).
  • Health Point Contribution Flag for Relevant Skills (like SIB for weapons) (AkiranBlade (talk)).
  • Requirement level column for tools and weapons. (Corey&Ginko)
  • Markup column to the Creature loots table in the Creature Info page (Paolo (talk)).
  • Personalised weapon stats (Witte (talk)).
  • Resort the VU dropdown list in Loot Column. Latest VU is first entry --> no more scrolling needed (oije).
  • A list of recently added items to quickly identify items that are new to the game (dub).
  • Implement a filter under "Latest Updates" which removes all person related skill updates (Jacob Heder (talk)).
  • Add both BLP and Laser amps (DM (talk)).
  • The value at which a weapon or piece of armor is marked as "broken" added in charts (jackel).
  • Taming levels for mobs (AkiranBlade (talk)).
  • Total Uses column for Amps/scopes/sights (vorpster (talk)).
  • Calculate markup value of all skills on each avatar - and a total (Yquem (talk)).
  • Can we have a markup value on skill implants on the Avatar page too (full price) (Yquem (talk)).
  • A skills chip calculator (skill level->chip TT when transferred and vice-versa).
  • Random page (somon90 (talk) & Pandaros (talk)).
  • Last update date on the Avatar (Yquem (talk)).
  • Damage potential column and table (Sound (talk)).
  • A column for Skill Requirements in the Finder Amplifier table (Sound (talk)).
  • Adjustable markup values (EyeContact (talk)).
  • Possibility to mark suspicious updates (wizzszz (talk)).
  • Added improved filter capabilities (TeranoZ (talk) AkiranBlade (talk) PkmX (talk)).
  • Column for the VU the item was discovered (wizzszz (talk) Hellfire (talk)).
  • "Looted today" button on the infopages (wizzszz (talk)).
  • Color gradations for loots on the infopages (SonOfAzrael (talk)).
  • Improved missing items chart (wizzszz (talk)).
  • Changed "Unknown" as default for lootfrequency (Faalagorn (talk)).
  • Changed "HP Increase in the skillchart to float type (Faalagorn (talk)).
  • Added an "Invert selection" checkbox in the header column of the charts (Faalagorn (talk)).
  • Added "Hide own updates" checkbox to the "Latest updates" page (Faalagorn (talk)).


Site Requests

Click on the 'add' tab for new requests.

Calculate markup value on avatar skill difference in time, historical secvential entries.
mrproper (talk)

Add a mob cost in ped and maybe an average loot column in mob stats relating to mob HP

mrproper (talk)
An alternative loot frequence column (value in % per Loot )without canceling the original one
oije (talk)
Allow to encrease the number of visible items inside the mob data and store value in user stats --> higher value reduces site requests for power user
oije (talk)
If a tool (or item or what else) got deleted from pe-wiki, it sould also be automatically removed from the creatureloots
Hardicus (talk) - 23-06-2006 19:19:22
it would be nice if the armor parts table and the armor parts description would also list the stats of the armor (currently this is only on the armor part). Of course this assumes that all parts offer the same amount of protection.
Dutchie (talk) - 31-01-2007 11:06:28
It would be nice if along side the lisk of skills that go into making up a profession the % markup of the skills could be shown. THat way it would be possible to work out which skills are the best to buy to improve ones standing in a proffesion. Example, one skill makes 25% contribution, and is at 25000%, another skill makes a 10% contribution and is at 9000%.
It's clearly cheaper to buy the 10% skill, as it costs less, in relation to it's contribution to pro stading, than the skill that has more effect.

Naws Tel Telmah (talk) - 19-04-2007 20:18:59
I second wizzszz's suggestion. As well, it would be very nice to see a couple of other things streamlined to assist those of us who would like to be more proactive in updating, but find it tedious at times as per how long it can take to add locations to the wiki. I think having fast ways to add locations of creatures and mining resources would encourage people to post this information more often. Having hundreds, potentially even thousands of position data per creature/resource would allow awesomely detailed maps. If there are a thousand points for, say, Molisk it would be easy to see concentration on the maps. I see this as being far more accurate over time than the current method of defining a general area and a general maturity level since the points will be for confirmed positions and maturities. It would be awesome to see how mobs are spread out and see if there are concentric rings of maturity as you get to the center of a mob. You could even track how moves change and move over time. Having a hundred thousand plus data points over the course of a year would really let those of us data churning geeks out here have some fun!

I've just recently began reading up on the wiki software as I will be using it for a couple of my own projects. If there is anything I can do to help coding on the back end, I'm more than willing to lend my time where possible. I'm a little rusty since I haven't been coding steadily in a couple years, but I have a decade of experience coding C/C++ mostly, but I've written my share of lines in PHP as well.

I've considered that an in game tool a la PE Assistant that could pick up the position when you hit P automatically would be the most useful, but I'd have to do a lot of refreshing my memory to get started on such a project.

ookami (talk) - 25-08-2007 08:16:00
Just thought about it, since we have lots of corporations like genesis star, omegaton ... etc, what about a chart for them? It's always fun to read something about the game storyline ...

PkmX (talk) - 28-11-2007 15:36:39
Maybe an idea to add it on a page, and add that page to the guides? I dont see much use for such a chart, I would like to keep that data as straighforeward as possible
Witte (talk) - 28-11-2007 22:50:10
Maybe add a column on Blueprint chart showing the markup of crafted items?

PkmX (talk) - 06-02-2008 12:14:09
It would be nice if 'Damage vs. Armor calculations' link on creature pages would lead to the according page with creature already selected.

And "Looted today" button is a really good idea

Downfall (talk) - 14-02-2008 07:19:56

Make errors with submitting new entry more visible (eg. notification about fields that can't be empty).

Faalagorn (talk) - 18-10-2008 16:35:18

Suggestion for dicussion :- A "Mentor" to the creature table so that we can record what mentor items are dropping ( by entering them as loot. Good idea or not?

SonOfAzrael (talk) - 27-01-2009 15:32:21

To get a full list of mentor items you can use search.

Witte (talk) - 27-01-2009 15:46:34

yes but at the moment there's no does-it-still-drop info, if we had a mentor entry in creature table we could show last VU to drop and (perhapse) how often it drops

SonOfAzrael (talk) - 27-01-2009 21:29:49

I use the 'Armor vs Mob' tool a lot and it would be great if one could save a list of armor sets & plates for their avatar. This way you wouldn't need to add your armor & plates each time when using the tool, and could, for example, check the 'Add my armor sets' box. The downside of course is that it takes extra space and isn't that necessary. Also with many armor sets and plates there would be a lot of possibilities for mixing them, for example 4 armor sets and 2 sets of plates would give 12 different options. But it'd be great if you could save maybe up to three or four armor+plate (or just armor) combinations for your avatar.

IceCold3000 (talk) - 19-04-2009 14:23:25
Add chart with priority of aggresion levels (just like loot frequency etc.).
Faalagorn (talk) - 26-04-2009 22:29:24
It's also annoying for me to have click "Disable WYSIWYG editor (changes will be lost)" all the times at each edit. I'd love to have a full control of what I am typing, so that's why I'm not using a WYSYWIG editor. Any option to have it unchecked by default would be great.
Faalagorn (talk) - 02-05-2009 01:23:42

I can make WYSIWYG an option, I will put it on the long todolist you provided me . And you can not turn off logging of updates on purpose and that will not be changed.

Witte (talk) - 02-05-2009 16:08:21
Make a chart names at the search results clickable.
Faalagorn (talk) - 03-05-2009 09:59:49
Addition of sweating attempts for sweatable mobs.
Faalagorn (talk) - 20-07-2024 15:35:00

I added an extra column for sweatattempts.

Witte (talk) - 20-07-2024 15:35:00
I was just thinking lately about the current state of mob charts - we have Creatures and Creature Maturity Levels and when left as it is, I couldn't find the mob with lowest damage that would skill me in Dodge, what would be handful. Same applies to other tables exclusive to either Creatures chart or Creature Maturity Levels chart.
I think it's the issue also for the other similar-built charts/chart relations...

Any suggestions are welcome, if it'll become too big discussion, let's move it to forum or private discussion.
Faalagorn (talk) - 20-07-2024 15:35:00

If you can give me a list of columns I can add those.

Witte (talk) - 20-07-2024 15:35:00

I'd love to see personalized Skills/Profession charts, displaying "Unlocked" and "Locked" instead of "Yes" in the "Hidden" columns, as well as the percentage in points of the contributing skills reached with the unlocks: I.e Miner profession w/o any unlocks has 65%, including all unlocks: 100% (ofc) - then display a personal value that takes ones unlocks into account: (Extraction&Serendipity unlocked): 65%+15%+3% = 83%.


Would be great, too, to have the missing levels to a certain unlock displayed in the skills overview (i.e. take the higher pro standing from Surveyor&Prospector and calc the difference from that to i.e. lvl 30 (which unlocks mineral sense) which could maybe replace the word "Locked" by i.e. "-3.42" levels

wizzszz (talk) - 20-07-2024 15:35:00

The google maps thing on the location maps is REALLY annoying and fiddly to use, can we go back to the old system?

SonOfAzrael (talk) - 20-07-2024 15:35:00

For anyone I spoke, the new maps work a lot better. What exactly is the problem?

Witte (talk) - 20-07-2024 15:35:00

Guess I'm in a minority then, the main problems I seem to have are that it's a pain when you're using a laptop and it takes both hands to do a drag-and-drop, and the way that every time you click on it ( from intial load ) it jumps into edit mode even if all I wanted to do was re-center on a new location

SonOfAzrael (talk) - 20-07-2024 15:35:00

I can make it so that it doesn't jump to edit mode when you click. I personally hate those laptop pads altogether, no matter what application. So I have not considered those at all in the current design.

Witte (talk) - 20-07-2024 15:35:00

Min.-depth/Max.-depth columns for mined ressources and finders would be awsome.

wizzszz (talk) - 20-07-2024 15:35:00

And another one: Possibility to link associated societies with eachother (in other words: link an academy soc to main soc in the soc description)

wizzszz (talk) - 20-07-2024 15:35:00

Under the new sweating system, the "sweat attempts" column in the creature maturities table is no longer meaningful, perhaps it should be deleted?

SonOfAzrael (talk) - 20-07-2024 15:35:00

Show unconfirmed values on the individual items' page as grey like they appear on the charts.

IceCold3000 (talk) - 20-07-2024 15:35:00

Clarification to my last wish: mob damage already displays as grey when unconfirmed. I meant values like decay and maxed profession level which are displayed in the item Specifications chart.

IceCold3000 (talk) - 20-07-2024 15:35:00

Removed sweat attempts, and made unconfirmed values gray on the infopages.

Witte (talk) - 20-07-2024 15:35:00

Implement OpenSearch.

reez (talk) - 20-07-2024 15:35:00

Can we please have a Sib Chart for guns please

Megga1 (talk) - 20-07-2024 15:35:00
A table to list and track the achievements would be nice.
And, the missions list is getting bigger and bigger, it'd be nice if we'd have a different setup, that shows only the latest not completed mission for a mission chain - i.e. Iron challenges are pretty much all the same, there is no point in listing them all as separate missions.

Ofc that would mean that the mission status reflects these changes, instead of a Yes/No option, we'd need a "number of mission completed within that mission chain"
wizzszz (talk) - 20-07-2024 15:35:00
Is there a possibility to include coords in a link to the maps?
I.e. clickable locations in the mission descriptions would be cool.
wizzszz (talk) - 20-07-2024 15:35:00

Thanks for the feedback. An achievement chart will be added soon. The suggestions about the missions are not easy to make in the chart, it would require a seperate tool. I will put it on the suggestions list but it will not have a high priority, because I think you can achieve most of what you want using the filters. For example, you can select the mission chain in the dropdown, and you can select "completed" and then type "no". Then you only see the missions that are not yet completed in that chain. As for the locations, you can add locations to missions by clicking on the "Add mission location" tab on the info page of a mission (in the bottom).



Witte (talk) - 20-07-2024 15:35:00
Thx for the fast reply - i have another request:

Someone jumped the gun and renamed the Daikiba creature page, and all it's contents to Shinkiba.

Could you make a copy of this page (now named Shinkiba) and put it back as Daikiba.

Daikibas are still around, and while the missions are now Shinkiba missions, the loot tables are completely different and should be purged on the Shinkiba version.

I am willing to do the rework of the text and other updates, but the loot tables appear to be a lot of work, not even sure if you can delete them all.
wizzszz (talk) - 20-07-2024 15:35:00
The "MobLevel" charts needs to be updated to reflect the new results found here:

The Regen. Time and Regen. Speed should be removed and replaced by "Regen./Tick" or something like that.

1 Tick = 5.12 seconds

Maybe add a "Regen./Sec" that is calculated automatically - the meaning is easier to understand.
wizzszz (talk) - 20-07-2024 15:35:00

I read through the thread, some good research . I am not entirely sure if adding "regen/tick" is a good idea though, as it may not be very clear what it means to users in general. It may be a nice help to figure out what the total regeneration time is, but I think users prefer to know total regeneration time and regeneration speed, and not regen/tick. But I may be wrong though. If regen/tick turn out to be nice integers, then it may indeed be a good alternative. I will wait until there are some results.

Witte (talk) - 20-07-2024 15:35:00
See here:!&p=2812907&viewfull=1#post2812907

Not sure if there are enough volunteers...

Just have a look, maybe you like it.
wizzszz (talk) - 20-07-2024 15:35:00

Could we add another column to the Missions chart: Repeatable - yes/no/x-times? I tried to do it myself but I think you need to be a trusted contributor. (Sorry - posted in discussions as well before I found the wishlist)

Artrat (talk) - 20-07-2024 15:35:00

Could someone please add a chart to the event tab for the Wave Events. Happy to populate the information myself but I cannot create the chart.


It would probably need columns for Name, Location, Planet, Number of Waves, Reset Interval, Wave Timeout and Mob.

Artrat (talk) - 20-07-2024 15:35:00


I dropped new things/items in entropedia also..but since i cannot upload pics (or dunno how) i just can do it 50%..

-->An explanation/ easy doing in the forms would be nice....

-->Also maybe is there a chance to speed up the website? it takes sometimes almost 1 minute to load

-->when you added something can everything be edited later again?




Edward James III (talk) - 20-07-2024 15:35:00

In creature page I would like to see max hp column


and I think min global column should be in page were the creatures maturity levels are.

Turisas (talk) - 20-07-2024 15:35:00

Planet Cyrene needs a header/planet directory on the main page please. Cyrene is a nice planet and deserves front page recognition I started a thread about it over on cyforum but was pointed here to ask admins to do this. Thanks in advance

'008' (talk) - 20-07-2024 15:35:00

Fix the maps please they no longer work correctly.

Felix D Berinde (talk) - 20-07-2024 15:35:00

Seconding the 'fix the maps', please...very annoying that they don't work.

Keztrell (talk) - 20-07-2024 15:35:00

fix weapon compare on safari, its laggy and after typing 1 letter or changing 1 thing it has to reload the page until i can edit stuff again

nikander100 (talk) - 20-07-2024 15:35:00

fix weapon compare on safari, its laggy and after typing 1 letter or changing 1 thing it has to reload the page until i can edit stuff again

nikander100 (talk) - 20-07-2024 15:35:00

A chart/list for "personal effects" would be nice, so you can add to item as you do for planet on many items, and skills on missions.

Right now,  there is only 7 for rings, and the Christmas Ring 2016 have 10 effects. 

thegrey (talk) - 20-07-2024 15:35:00

A field for MindArk DPS on weapons would be nice, and maybe use this on DPS if decay and burn is not known.

Svarog found 0.695 as the magic numbers, and it seems to be correct, but only tested for a few weapons.

thegrey (talk) - 20-07-2024 15:35:00

Wave events should have its own chart, maybe under locations?

thegrey (talk) - 20-07-2024 15:35:00

Instances, like caves and cyclops depths should be supported, probably as a new type of location.

thegrey (talk) - 20-07-2024 15:35:00

Since the loot varies from planet, even on the same mob, it would be nice to be able to a) have multiple loot charts on the same mob/craft or b) that the loot chart gets an extra column to add planet the mob drops it on.

Alukat1 (talk) - 20-07-2024 15:35:00
Add the chart Pets as Type in Shop Items
Merlin LeSage (talk) - 20-07-2024 15:35:00

add Planet Arkadia teleports in to nearest city list, for example exploring mission ACA - Oratan Alert (Mission chain start) had some old information required it to be up to date, but when edit Mission Broker and want to place nearest city, could not find on list correct nearest city what is New Arrival Hangar teleport.

Shin Tha Nin (talk) - 20-07-2024 15:35:00

Performance update please, site is super slow ...

Evilmaran (talk) - 20-07-2024 15:35:00

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