Deposit Sizes (discussion)
Can someone add a column for the Roman numeral corresponding to the deposit sizes, please? I can't figure out how to do that. Significant is XVI

-, 07-12-2022 16:46:59 (CET)

You can't change the chart columns (yet). I've added the column for you.

- Minder, 07-12-2022 16:46:59 (CET)

It will be nice if you could add and amp to this table to see how the deposit would be with a specified amp

yquem (talk) - 07-12-2022 16:46:59

How about a column for extraction time? (talk) - 07-12-2022 16:46:59

had significant claim size and it was 297PED , so someone should fix it there

Freelancer_Main (talk) - 07-12-2022 16:46:59

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